… wonder if Knock Off Nigel knows?

Fabulous event at the BFI this afternoon, where the BBFC put on an event about where it had got to on online content classification and Ofcom outlined its current status on implementation of Audio Visual Media Services Directive (“AVMS” to you and me). 

It’s all about getting VOD to us in a properly regulated way.  Or to put it another way, when you click that button, it’s about having structures in place to give you confidence about what you’re getting.

Some themes from the afternoon:

– encouraged about how Ofcom is going to implement AVMS: it’s not about casting the net wide to catch all sorts of content, it’s about casting a net the same size, just over a different sea

– some intelligent work on what amounts to editorial control in the online world: aggregators should get some confidence from this that they will not suddenly be heavily regulated (… an EPG doth not editorial control make)

Also, some good support for Baroness Massey’s age verification bill – a realisation that Trading Standards Officers cannot do it all alone (or to paraphrase one speaker … their focus should be on salmonella outbreaks at local restaruants!).

Also, I learnt that Pulp Fiction is classified age 12 in France … bless the English Channel!


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