Digital Economy Bill shambles – start shouting now!

The Lords did their last hurrah on the Digital Economy Bill last night as is widely reported in the press today.  As anticipated, there has not been a way to square the circle and keep everyone happy.  Some valiant attempts were made, not least by Lord Erroll and Baroness Miller.  What are we to make of it?  Hard to say, because it may not survive in its current form depending on how it ‘washes up’ through the Commons.  My prediction is that it will remain rights holder friendly, expensive for ISPs  and not exactly favourable to consumers. 

But do you what depresses me most?  For all our twittering and connectiveness, we as citizens have been outfoxed by those paid to lobby.  So well done Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group for calling for “massive campaign of citizens to demand that their MPs debate this dangerous bill”.   Get to it comrades – you can look up your MP here:


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