Coalition agreement – snippets for us digitial people

Yesterday the Con-Lib government published its more detiled coalition agreement.  It’s pretty thin on the ground in terms of the Digital Ecomomy Act and what might happen to it.  But it does have some wider stuff in it worth reporting on:

– we might get a British Bill of Rights

– looks like they might tackle all those uses of RIPA which are not really on (e.g. local authority snooping on residents)

– want to speed up the roll out of speedy broadband … possibly using some of licence fee that was earmarked for digital switchover

– still an independent BBC, but looks like the National Audit Office will be let in a bit deeper for transparency’s sake

– some rules on local media

– making it easier to perform live music

– government tech contracts to be published online

– level playing field for open source software (my friends at Canonical will be pleased)

– new right to data (in the non data protection sense, i.e. getting access to government databases and being able to use that in products – think mashups and the like)

Sounds alright, so far.


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