We are all digital consumers now – yay!

The lovely people at KPMG have done a grand job on their report ‘Consumers and Convergence IV’

You can read it here:


The takeaways are:

  • privacy is still a hot topic, but we’re prepared to give away stuff/be tracked if we get stuff of actual value back
  • we’re really on the mobile banking bandwagon
  • online retail is on the up via mobile
  • seems to be some willingness to pay for frequently used content, but not whole sites [Someone tell Voldemort please!]
  • cloud on the up too, particularly for media stuff
  • we’re still clinging onto our landlines

There are also some interesting geographic conclusions in the report – countries with less fixed telecoms infrastructure are better adopters of all that mobile has to offer consumers.

Something that would be interesting to see is if the iPhone has been the tipping device – because banks, retailers and media companies have done some fantastic work on the apps side.

Happy reading!


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