iPad AND Kindle … could it be?

I am waiting for my Kindle to arrive … I wasn’t that speedy to pre-order, so it looks like it’s early September for me.  What I like about the business model for Kindle is that it has no monthly subscription and is only costing me £149 + postage.

Actually, I like more than that – I like, for example, that I can cram it full of pdfs so that I don’t have to literally carry my work around.  I like that it isn’t just a reader, I can put music on it and all sorts.

In fact, it’s a closet media device, isn’t it. 

And then at the weekend apple opened that new store in Covent Garden, with the oak tables, exposed brickwork and glass everywhere.  So I went in.

For the first time I actually had an iPad in my little paws.  Wow, what a thing of beauty!

So now I have a real dilema.  My lovely Kindle will arrive soon … could I also have an iPad?

Or (and leaving Utah to one side) is having a Kindle and an iPad a bit like bigamy?  But you know, I really *do* love you both.

Tricky eh!


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