49 days to save the world (or, influence the future of online business)

It seems to have slipped out very quietly and has hardly been picked up in the press at all, but the future of European online business is up for grabs.  And that’s all online business, from nuts and bolts e-tail right through to new media services with lots inbetween. 

After ten years of our E-Commerce Directive legal framework, the whole things is being looked at afresh by EU government.  They are looking at it so intently, in fact, that they have over 70 different questions on which they are seeking our feedback.  (Interestingly, there is a specific set of questions just for consumers and an online tool to file the response like an online survey.)


If the Digital Economy Act has taught us anything here in the UK, it’s that the lobby artist is king – so let’s all make our voices heard.

I’ll be rattling out some thoughts on some of the more interesting issues raised between now and the deadline of 15th October.


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