It’s like Christmas – believe in it or not, it’s happening: the Internet IS business

Sometimes I meet people who don’t *get* the Internet, that don’t think it’s a proper grown business sector.

Well, I guess it’s a bit like Christmas – you either believe in it or you don’t.

But tonight some pretty good stats are in the Guardian (will be in paper edition on Thursday) and they warmed my heart:

We *are* an industry and our *value* is £100 billion.

To put that into context, we’re right up there in value terms with stuff like financial services.

And we have every right to be proud of that £100 billion: proud that we wear jeans and tshirts instead of suits, proud that we play a role in making people’s lives more connected with all the benefits that brings, from accessing vital information and services to good old fashioned fun like playing Angry Birds.

I’m certain I’d rather have 100 geeks for every 1 banker – so bring it on!



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