Cameron wants a UK version of Silicon Valley – bring it on Dave!

Anyone that knows me will know that I’m not a Tory, but when Tories do good things, then even Tories deserve credit for it.

So well done Dave for your Blueprint for Technology committment today and for believing that we can be an economy where growth is focussed on more than just the financial services sector.

In Dave’s own words:  “We recognise the need to develop an attractive environment for start-up technology firms which can match the best in the world, so that the next Google or Facebook will be based in the UK.  That’s why we need to build the right conditions now to get ahead of our competitors and to attract venture capital investment and entrepeneurial talent.” And “In this blueprint, we begin a process to improve the UK’s ability to turn big ideas into big successes”

This is great news for all of us, like me, who believe that new Internet technologies will continue to reshape our world.  Read the blueprint here in full.  A few snippets that caught my eye:

– entrepeneur visa to make sure the cool cats set up their cool businesses here

– review of intellectual property framework, including whether to bring in US style ‘fair use’ copyright provision

– launching peer to peer patent system to help maintain quality

– aim to have competitive corporation tax system (including looking into the taxation of intellectual property and R&D credits)

– lessening the regulatory burden (i.e. compliance costs time and money, which is no good)

– having an intellectual property framework that encourages innovation and creativity

– pumping in £200 million to have Technology and Innovation Centres

– create the most competitive environment for venture capital and early stage investment

– fatten up the broadband, with an investment of £400 million

– encouraging technology based apprenticeships

– opening up government data so people can leverage businesses off it

– get SMEs into the procurement system for government contracts

As they say at the end, this is the beginning of something and not the end and I’m excited!

Bring it on Dave (even if you are a Tory!)


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