UK consumers happy to shop using technology

KPMG (you know, that very large collective of number crunchers …) have released a report on how technology is transforming the way consumers interface with shopping.

Shopping online is not new (hey, even the E-Commerce Directive is over 10 years old now) but the way it works and who’s doing it is constantly evolving. 

Some snippets …

– 77% of UK shoppers prefer to by goods online (CDs, DVDs, books and the like) which puts us ahead of the curve in terms of adoption

– but were’ really quite nervous about technology enabled banking (I say that’s only a matter of time)

– apps, apps, apps …

Tudor Aw (as quoted on the BBC News website) calls this a “converged lifestyle” and that’s spot on.  The way we engage with our work, play, family, friends and entertainment is shifting – and that’s exciting.

And it’s also more complex from a regulatory point of view: there’s a myriad of regulations reaching across technology, consumer and business sectors which all need to be ticked off to engage properly with this market.  So, don’t forget to chat the the lawyers too … to make sure you have the rights you need, pay the taxes that are due, get the £ in and have technology that actually works.



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