FT Digital Media Conference – four screens and a Joan Collins

Jimmy Wales, what a legend in his own lunchtime.

To sum up today, in true cryptic style:

– there are four screens now and we need to treat them all the same (but slightly differently)

– data rocks, it’s not the new financial services, it’s the new rock and roll

– privacy matters, but there was no great freaking out (and some quite positive sounds about the Goog’s 60 into 1)

– Megaupload was very naughty indeed

– what the users want, winning on the ease of use, will produce the magic services

– people don’t see a rush to free, but there needs to be a lot more science behind charging (whether that’s premium or micro)

– an underlying tone of worry about being reliant on one platform … you know who

– we haven’t cracked mobile ads yet, but we’re working on it

– quite quiet on open source/creative commons

Over and out!

PS – Joan Collins is a cocktail – tasty and thanks FT Live launch party for those 🙂


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