FT Digital Media conference day 2 – we are all in chains

Sorry for the delay in writing this – had an evening event yesterday, so a bit short on time.

Anyway, the themes from day 2 are these:

– Channel 4 has got the bit between its teeth and is really going for the digital/social/content overlap space and will have a new ‘channel’ called 47 (four seven, not forty-seven …) essentially replaying the stuff with the biggest buzz reactively. Superb.

– the idea that TV channels will evaporate is bonkers, but there will clearly be some which are much stronger than others and the others will need to innovate massively to fight for their digital space

– brand owners are understanding how to connect digitally better, not all push, etc

– amazing stats on the Shazzaming of adverts (e.g. ROI on Superbowl stuff). Incredible.

– Disney did a good session, but I thought a little defensive and reticent, given the mood as a whole of the conference. Much dodging on Ultraviolet … come on Mickey, man up!

– Havass guy did a splendid slot on showing how generational interpretation of the media shift we now find outselves in is probably starker than we all thought: millenials do actually believe that business has be good not just talk good

– the scrap for hearts and minds and business models is settling down in music and shifting to ebooks – not a surprise that, I’ve been muttering about that for a while now (cue a nice moment with a physical book handed over in chains to represent how ebooks work)

– just to mutter on about that a bit more: EBOOKS SHOULD BE FREE (AS IN SPEECH, NOT BEER)

– fab snippet from Dreamworks on how you manage and engage with technology and creative talent in the same business: about understanding communication and immediately acting on disfunctionality, but also about creating an envioronment where people feel it’s ok to actually take a big risk

– technology is finally there to enable digital advertising to digital purchasing across devices – finally we are seeing uptick in the impulse buying thing

– mobile advertising is at a tipping point and we are about to see massive growth

– we shouldn’t see ‘social’ as an end in itself, but ask what role it can play in advertising in general

– privacy sneaked out a bit more today, but we are where we are on that: humans understand it better, advertisers understand it better, and even the lawyers are calming down (oh, ever so slightly …)

– the most growing theme though, is the overalay of using technology to collect the money on impulse purchases

Big thank you to FT for a great event and it was nice to meet some like minded people too.

So, until next year, Happy Digital


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