Freedom to skip ads – could it be a human right?

I love ads, let’s just get this straight right away. I used to think the Apple Think Different ads were my all time classic, but I have to say that the recent Guardian Three Pigs has blown that off the number one slot.

But not all ads are that engaging. And sometimes you are just in a hurry, right …

And skipping ads was the very thing that made me fall in love with the idea of TiVo even before I could have one on this side of the pond. Free will – yay!

But what’s happened to our free will? Seems to me that it’s under threat. I have a Virgin Media TiVo enabled box which I quite like. But the concepet of having the freedom to *skip* ads is not part of my experience. Actually, the irritation of watching them in fast forward is imposed on me. It’s always been a little bit irritating, but I see now that it’s getting a bit more coverage States side. See this article from The Register about the spat between Dish and film/TV industry:

How can we have got to a position where intellectual property and contracts are being used like this? I get the business of revenue generating as much as the next lawyer, but seriously guys, they are my eyeballs and if I want to hop, skip and jump over the ads, just let me.  Shouldn’t my eyeballs have a human being type right to say “no thank you” just like I can opt out of receiving email spam and cookies?


One thought on “Freedom to skip ads – could it be a human right?

  1. Absolutely agree. If the ‘right’ to skip doesn’t suit the networks and their advertisers, tough! They will just have to find a different business model like the music industry, the publishing industry, the legal profession and countless others. God forbid I should lose the ability to watch most programs the night after broadcast. An hours conventional viewing in 40 minutes!!

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