Google gets spanked for ignoring cookie settings to the tune of 22.5 million dollars. Ouch!

So it’s happened.  Google got spanked to the tune of $22.5 million dollars for monitoring the behaviour of people using Safari browsers notwithstanding browser settings (i.e. user instructions) that did not permit it. 

Think this just matters State side?  Think again.  The cookies stuff which came into force last year (but which people only paid attention to this year because of the ICO’s officially blessed one year enforcement hiatus) prescribes that this sort of stuff isn’t on here too.

Look, data protection, at it’s most basic, is not rocket science: know what you are doing, tell them what you are doing and do what you have told them you are doing.  Simples.

Ultimately data protection is about trust.  If we’re all more transparent, there is more trust, there is more confidence in online business.  That is good for us as human being and the online economy.

So please, for the good of the Interweb, keep away from the funny business!



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